Basic Foundations of Mathematics - Grades K-2

Learn to navigate your way through the early basic concepts of mathematics.  Master multi-digit addition and subtraction, order of operations, and much more while working in a fun-filled, hands-on environment.

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Core Components and Problem Solving - Grades 3-4

Work within a variety of fun activities designed to teach kids how to love working with fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, and negative numbers.

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Introduction to Algebra and Coordinate Plane Geometry - Grades 5-6

Learn how to create and work with algebraic expressions.  Master the basic components of pre-algebra and coordinate plane geometry.  

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Transition to High School Math - Grades 7-8

Master all of the content knowledge that will give you an excellent background for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  Work with basic components to gain understanding of linear and quadratic equations.

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Private One-on-One tutoring for Subject Area Tutoring - All Levels

Prices range from $80 - $125

Subjects range from early elementary math to AP Calculus BC.  See our tutoring services page.